Since our inception, Bhoruka has been catering to the growing demand and utilization of aluminum in various sectors ranging from Electronics, Transportation, Textiles, Renewable Energy, Defense, Aerospace etc. We also specialize in the development of custom made profiles under our made-to-order offering and collaborate with our customers to develop products and solutions to cater to their individual needs. We have extensive experience in working with various industrial alloys such as 1060, 6063, 6005, 6082,6061 and can even develop specific chemistry based on the requirement. Some of the key sectors served by us are –

Electrical & Electronics

One of the earliest uses of aluminum sections was in the Electrical & Electronics sector. Bhoruka has been supplying aluminium in this sector for over 20 years. Most of our sections are used for applications which require very good conduction, heat control, heat transfer etc. We manufacture a wide variety of sections using different alloys depending on the end-use of our customers


We have got a wide range of sections which are used in the Transportation Sector. Some of our product range includes sections for Bus Body & Truck Body. Bhoruka also manufactures sections for carriers, footsteps & other light SUV requirements

Textile industry

We supply various sections for for the textile industry, which is an important part of the Indian economy. The quality & precision of these sections are of high importance & Bhoruka is committed in providing both the right quality & service to this sector

Renewable Energy

Bhoruka has been always committed to a safer and better environment. Keeping this in mind we have dedicated offerings for our solar panel and wind mill customers. These sections are often supplied in natural anodizing which are all done at our own in house facility.

In our effort to offer further value-added products to our customers, we also work with Bhoruka Fabcons to offer a wide variety of machined extrusions. More information on their facility can be found on the next page