AT Material & EPDM Gaskets

Engineered with a sleek frame depth of 113.5mm (without flyscreen) or 141mm (with Flyscreen), elevate the inner while enjoying enhanced living.

Experience the synergy of Safety & Comfort, that redefines your lifestyle and spaces like never before.


1. In IWIN-S, We go beyond conventional solutions. Our Aluminium Windows & Doors feature innovative EPDM gaskets, surpassing traditional Wool Pile in airtight performance.
2. These advanced gaskets ensure an impeccable seal, shielding your interiors from external elements.
3. These advanced gaskets provide an airtight seal, seamless flexibility for easy installation, noise reduction ensuring optimal comfort and peace of mind in your living spaces.
4. Our EPDM gaskets form a secure barrier against air and water infiltration, elevating your comfort

Technical Information

1. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), the core material of our gaskets, offers unparalleled benefits: