Child Lock

Engineered with a sleek frame depth of 113.5mm (without flyscreen) or 141mm (with Flyscreen), elevate the inner while enjoying enhanced living.

Experience the synergy of Safety & Comfort, that redefines your lifestyle and spaces like never before.

Functional Benefit

1. Enhanced Safety for Children: The Child Lock restricts the window's opening to 110mm, reducing the risk of accidents or falls for young children, creating a secure and child-friendly environment.
2. Peace of Mind for Parents and Caregivers: Engaging the Child Lock provides reassurance that the window is secured, and children cannot access potential hazards, allowing parents to supervise without constant worry.
3. Promoting a Child-Friendly Environment: With the Child Lock feature, our Casement windows prioritise safety, aligning perfectly with our brand's theme of Safety, Comfort, and Lifestyle.
4. A Must-Have Feature for Families: Ideal for homes with young children or safety-conscious families, the Child Lock in our side-hung windows ensures improved safety and security, elevating the overall living experience
The Childlock restricts the Opening to 110mm to avoid unexpected accidents