Friction Stay

Engineered with a sleek frame depth of 113.5mm (without flyscreen) or 141mm (with Flyscreen), elevate the inner while enjoying enhanced living.

Experience the synergy of Safety & Comfort, that redefines your lifestyle and spaces like never before.

Friction Stay for Seamless Functionality

1. Our Casement Windows feature advanced Friction Stay, a key component that ensures smooth and secure operation.
2. Secured Positioning: The Friction Stay fits into a dedicated slot in the frame, ensuring precise and stable positioning of the window panel.
3. Enhanced Safety: Even if screws become loose, the Friction Stay prevents the window shutter from falling, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind.
4. Wide Opening Angle: Enjoy the convenience of opening your window panel up to 90 degrees in a Side Hung, allowing for easy and safe cleaning of glass from indoors.
SUS304 Stainless Steel Friction Stay: Highly corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance.
Withstands repetitive opening and closing without deformation or failure.
The Friction stay has passed a test of 10,000 Cycles (Equivalent to 10 Years of Use)
Our product range comprises three distinct friction stay variants, each designed to accommodate varying casement window sizes and weight bearing capacities.
The selection of the appropriate friction stay is based on the specific dimensions and weight of the casement window, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
Type Size in Inches Allowable Weight in Kgs
Type 1 10 ≤18
Type 2 12 ≤30
Type 3 16 ≤50