Experience Optimal Comfort with Our Ergonomic Handles

Our Sliding Windows feature meticulously designed ergonomic handles, setting new standards in user-friendly window systems. We prioritise your comfort and convenience by ensuring the ideal operational position for every family member, young and old.

Functional Benefit

1. Human Engineering-Based Design: All our handle positions and accessories are meticulously tested and verified based on human engineering principles. Our focus is to deliver a long and comfortable life for multi-unit housing, catering to diverse needs.
2. Universal Design Criteria: Our handles are strategically positioned to accommodate everyone in your family, including children and wheelchair-bound members. The recommended handle height ranges from 800mm to 1,000mm, ensuring easy access and operation for all.
3. Enhanced Ergonomics: The flush handle lock, support handle, and large handle options provide versatile choices to suit your preferences and needs, delivering the utmost ease of use.

Commitment to Quality

Our handle positions are backed by extensive research and collaboration with esteemed institutions such as YKK AP/Kure National College of Technology, YKK AP/Nihon University, and adherence to architectural standards focused on usage by specially abled individuals as well.
All Handles are manufactured in-house at YKK AP using  SUS304 stainless steel material which offers