Sealer Pads

The IWIN-S Door & Window features 90-degree joints with a sealer pad, which ensures stable water tightness of 350PA.

Functional benefit

Unlike conventional windows, we take pride in our distinct approach. At IWIN-S, we opt for 90 Degree Joints paired with Sealer Pads to ensure Stable water tightness.
The Sealer Pads are manufactured in-house at YKK AP which are meticulously crafted with IIR (Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber), a premium material known for its remarkable properties.
IIR-based Sealer Pads offer an array of benefits:
  1. Superior Water Tightness: IIR's inherent properties provide exceptional water resistance, keeping your interiors safe and dry even during heavy rains.
  2. Durability & Longevity: Our Sealer Pads boast exceptional durability, ensuring lasting performance and peace of mind over extended usage.
  3. Seamless Flexibility: The inherent flexibility of IIR allows our Sealer Pads to conform effortlessly to various window profiles, ensuring smooth and efficient installation.

Technical Information