Stopper (End Cap)

Engineered with a sleek frame depth of 113.5mm (without flyscreen) or 141mm (with Flyscreen), elevate the inner while enjoying enhanced living.

Experience the synergy of Safety & Comfort, that redefines your lifestyle and spaces like never before.

Functional Benefit

Our Sliding Windows & Doors feature crafted stoppers, that are designed to Prioritize your safety and convenience.
These stoppers serve a dual purpose:
1. Preventing Injury: The IWIN-S Sliding Window Stoppers are thoughtfully designed to prevent accidental injuries to hands and fingers while operating the windows, ensuring a worry-free experience for you and your loved ones.
2. Shutter Protection: Our stoppers act as guardians, preventing the shutters from hitting each other, preserving the window's structural integrity, and enhancing the overall dura