WindStopper (Sliding)

Engineered with a sleek frame depth of 113.5mm (without flyscreen) or 141mm (with Flyscreen), elevate the inner while enjoying enhanced living.

Experience the synergy of Safety & Comfort, that redefines your lifestyle and spaces like never before.

Functional Benefit

Our commitment for creating a better society through Architectural products extends to every component we create. That's why our IWIN-S Sliding Windows feature WindStoppers, manufactured in-house at YKK AP
Key benefits of our WindStoppers include:
1. Wind Protection: WindStoppers prevent the entry of external wind through the gaps in the interlocking stiles, ensuring a draft-free and comfortable indoor environment.
2. Noise Reduction: WindStoppers act as a barrier against external noise, creating a serene and tranquil living space, shielding you from the disturbances of the outside world.
3. Dust and Debris Barrier[Air Infiltration]: In addition to wind, WindStoppers also block dust and debris from entering your living spaces, helping to maintain a cleaner and healthier interior environment.

Technical Information