At YKK AP we design and build every component of our IWIN S series windows. From extruded aluminium to handles and locks. An important feature for projects is that YKK AP IWIN-S windows or doors increase the proportion of glazing in the window. This means more light, a more pleasant living environment and a facade imbued with a timeless elegance.The new window systems are available not only in different surface finishes and colours but also with a varying levels of air-tightness and water-tightness. We can also create customised solutions for any project. Our in-house facility from extrusion to fittings and hardware allow for creating individual design solutions.

Fitment Options

Frame Depth:2 Track 65mm, 3 Track 113.5mm. Glass Groove:32mm (18mm)

Sliding 2 LEAF ( 2 Track)

Sliding 4 LEAF ( 2 Track)

Sliding 3 LEAF ( 3 Track)

Sliding 6 LEAF ( 3 Track)



Wind Load

2500 pa
Deflection: 1/175
ASTM E 330

Air Infiltration

5.4m3/(h.m2)Maximum at 75Pa
ASTM E 283

Water Tightness

300 pa/350 pa
ASTM E 331.537

Sound Insulation

Grade T-2 (30db)
JIS A 1416

Open – Close Testing

10,000 Cycle No Damage
JIS A 4706

Glass Thickness